Antonio Guiotto
Senza titolo
con didascalia
Senza titolo con didascalia Antonio Guiotto’s exhibition, curated by Daniele Capra, collects twenty-five works of a conceptual and sculptural nature created by the artist specifically for the Pinacoteca and the Canovian area; it aims to insert elements of logical-temporal distortion and disorientation in the museum’s narrative and mediation tools, thanks to new reading sheets of the collection’s works and a special conceptual operation dedicated to Antonio Canova’s sculptures presented in the Bassano collection.

The museum exhibition space is conventionally a place characterized by reliability, scientific rigor and an informative approach toward the visitor. Guiotto instead, proposes to question the observer, challenging their perspicacity and ironically overturning the assumption of the passivity of understanding. The viewer must be critical and exercise doubt in order to understand the transmitted information. The exhibition consists of two different types of works. The first one is related to the museum's mediation media, which are the reading cards of the works found in the museum’s catalogs. The artist has written new ones, expanding in a completely unexpected way the information usually provided: the “official” history of the work, the result of technical resources documented by art historians is mixed with disorienting elements written by the author. Guiotto’s second intervention concerns Antonio Canova’s plaster casts inside the museum, enriched with five new works that portray the supporters of the project. This method is the result of a reflection on the identity of the Civic Museum, whose collections have grown since the nineteenth century, thanks to the citizens and their donations. To contribute once again to the museum, there will be a tribute dedicated to the most sensitive citizens.
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