This section contains the services offered by the Civic Museums of Bassano del Grappa.
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Image requests
Permission to reproduce
All works belonging to the collections of the Musei Biblioteca Archivio di Bassano del Grappa are copyrighted by the Municipality of Bassano del Grappa. Requests for high resolution images and permission to publish them, for filming or photography, must be sent to the Civic Museums, providing the information necessary to identify their use and purpose. Requests can be sent by filling in the appropriate form and sent to the Iconographic Office of the Civic Museums of Bassano del Grappa at:
The Management may order the prohibition of partial or total recovery, in particular circumstances and on the occasion of temporary exhibitions, where in the spaces of the Museum there are works from other collections, whether or not covered by copyright.

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Freedom of reproduction and dissemination
Reproductions of cultural objects and their dissemination for the purposes of study, research, free manifestation of thought, creative expression, are free, and do not require authorisation, promotion of knowledge of cultural heritage as long as both conditions are met: no profit, direct or indirect; shooting, photographic or filmed, is carried out without the use of tripods and/or tripods, without exposure to light sources (flash), without physical contact with the property; disclosure does not allow further reproduction for profit, including indirect.
Venue hire

The Civic Museums of Bassano del Grappa offer their museum spaces to host cultural and commercial events. Companies, institutions and individuals can choose the Museums with exclusive location to hold conferences, corporate meetings, private dinners, gala evenings, concerts, shows. A unique way to promote its image and support the enhancement of the artistic and cultural heritage of the city. To organize an event you must request a quote from the Administrative Service and General Affairs at: The fee for the concession and use of the spaces of the Museums may vary depending on the type of event, number of guests, times, type of equipment and space used.

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Your wedding at the Civic Museums
The Civic Museums of Bassano del Grappa are among the civil status offices of the Municipality of Bassano del Grappa and make their spaces available for the celebration of weddings. The Cloister of the Civic Museum and the Hall of Mirrors of Palazzo Sturm become a unique and refined location in which to live your special day. Our staff can help you in the organization of the civil ceremony in the museum spaces, agreeing on the arrangements and the setting up. To organize the wedding, you must request a quote from the Administrative Service and General Affairs at:

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Work with us
The Museums Library Archive of Bassano del Grappa offer various opportunities for collaboration for the development of cultural, scientific and administrative activities.

Notices of competition
The following is a link to the competition procedures of the municipality of Bassano del Grappa:

Stage at the Museo
The Civic Museums of Bassano del Grappa offer university students the opportunity to carry out a period of internships in the different areas of activity of the Museum. Participation is aimed at promoting the knowledge of museum, historical-artistic, scientific and administrative activities and the additional training to study activities.
You can send your application, accompanied by your CV, by writing to

National Civil Service
The National Civil Service is aimed at young people aged between 18 and 28. The Civil Service is a valid experience for many points of view: it allows you to make yourself useful to others, as well as to themselves, and it is a particular year in which you have the opportunity to experiment in activities similar to their studies and/ or inclinations collaborating in the success of the chosen project.
On the website are available all the information on the projects to tender, and you can download the forms to apply for participation.