Scodro & Tessarollo
Senza nuvole
The Civic Museum and the Municipality of Bassano del Grappa are pleased to present Senza nuvole, an exhibition featuring two local artists, Alberto Scodro (Marostica 1984) and Silvano Tessarollo (Bassano del Grappa 1956), curated by Chiara Cesarin with Elena Forin.

The project wants to offer a look at nature, landscape, and time through the work of two different artists in terms of generation and visual language but united by the common scenarios linked to the territory and the consolidated international activity. Their visions, originated by the rhythms of a daily and pragmatic living in the environment, are expressed through a plurality of languages, drawings, videos, and from installation to sculpture in brass gold, silver, and wax: these works, all the extraordinary technical ability, and visionary visual quality bring the natural environment into the halls of the Civic Gallery offering a special vision of the landscape and its dynamics.

Active since the 1980s, Silvano Tessarollo shows in the simplest actions and objects the presence of a vibrant and painful imagination. In the large charcoal drawings, the artist brings out the powerful dramaturgy that unites nature with man. The suspended and frozen time of these objects and visions, on the other hand, contrasts with the continuity presented in Alberto Scodro’s production. The grass in its upward stretch, the sunflowers with their 360-degree views, the terracotta spinnings tops that are part of the tradition and at the same time represent an accelerated gaze, as well as the arrangement of the elements in the museum’s rooms are an opportunity to reflect on the rotation, that is the normal movement of the planet and which in the case of Scodro is a way of looking at the world.
Civic Museum