Olimpia Biasi
Per erbe
e altri incanti
From 8 March to 8 April 2019 the Civic Museum of Bassano del Grappa is pleased to host the exhibition Per erbe ed altri incanti, by Olimpia Biasi, curated by Silvia Bertoncini with the collaboration of Flavia Casagranda. 

Through a site-specific intervention of multi-material collages on gauze, the artist introduces her naturalistic and narrative poetics into the museum’s rooms in close agreement with the works exhibited in the halls of the Pinacoteca. The temporary exhibition offers an interesting visual and symbolic dialogue with a selection, made by the artist herself, of works of art from the collections, starting from some details identified in Jacopo Da Ponte’s paintings and in the monochromes of the neoclassical sculptor Antonio Canova, as well as in other works inside the museum.

Olimpia Biasi’s intervention is an important moment that allows you to stimulate artistic production by observing the past and investigating local traditions with a sense of research that is often characterized by tributes and quotations from the greatest masters and more rarely by hints of contrasts. Once again, the Civic Museum increases the value of its permanent collections through the contribution of a contemporary artist who reinterprets their vitality.
Civic Museum